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Breaking a habit: 21 Days

Breaking a habit: 21 Days

Posted by Robert Lilley on 13 Mar 2014 10:26:08 | 0 Comments

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It takes 21 days to break a habit. 21 days to stop smoking, 21 days to stop biting your nails, 21 days to accept the habit of going to the gym (why do you think Gyms give away one month free trials . . . 21 days). 

Adopting change happens more quickly if you are motivated and you can see small wins (most people need gratification early on and frequently for them to stick with something that is different). Seeing early small successes significantly strengthens our resolve to accept the change. That feel-good factor is a part of Agile development methodologies, small regular deliverables! 

Some say change can be adopted in 28 days and some say 14 days, but all agree that focus, motivation, and reinforcement all accelerate change and the sustainability of change.

In the corporate environment, this change needs to be carefully choreographed and managed: after all, you want the right changes to be adopted by the right people at the right time. And if you are spending precious budget on enforcing the change, you want your investment to be spent smartly and effectively. This is Organisational Change Management.

Organisational Change Management, (OCM) is a structured approach to improving the adoption of change. In OCM, the project objective and strategy is understood, the different stakeholder perceptions identified and defined and a structured change plan developed. The plan might include communications, training and organisational structure all designed to appeal to the different stakeholders and their most appropriate communications medium. 

OCM achieves greater success for projects but most importantly the change is sustainable. Consequently the value OCM delivers far outweighs it’s incremental cost. Are you investing in OCM?


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