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CIO Summit - IDC Keynote: "The Third Platform"

CIO Summit - IDC Keynote: "The Third Platform"

Posted by Robert Lilley on 11 Jun 2014 10:15:59 | 1 Comments

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Very interesting to hear IDC talk about the history of "The Third Platform" as IDC has labelled the Social-Mobile-Analytical-Cloud (SMAC) architecture and principles.

SMAC is 25% of current spend, but is expected to increase as a percentage of ICT spend and this growth is shaping key suppliers of traditional technology and how they align their products with SMAC.

The adoption of the Third Platform is also influencing how corporates use the technology rather than a focus on what the technology is.

At Friday we see this evolution form a focus on technology to a focus on how it is used as a consistent trend across our customers and partners: the commoditisation of technology is here.

IDC has five keys observations:

1. Growth in the scale of the global cloud data centres. Super scale: a doubling of global cloud infrastructure in the next 24 months. To be followed by massive consolidation to half a dozen global providers.

2. The edge of the network is expanding and evolving to include a proliferation of consumer devices that are internet connectedand impacting our everyday work and private life. The Internet of Everything will double in size.

3. Platform consolidation will be driven by the adoption of standards and the aggregation of communities. 80% of new cloud applications will be hosted by 5 or 6 platform providers.

4. Cloud platforms are becoming increasingly Big Data focussed, with new types of rich data analytics to take advantage of the mass of data being gathered in the cloud.

5. Industry specific platforms are expanding and evolving: tightly coupling supply chains and ecosystems amongst business partners. With a ten fold increase in the number of cloud based applications and the Killer Applications to come.

At Friday we love this last point, it is about the business use of technology rather than simply the provision of infrastructure that is omnipresent, faster and cheaper. Don't get me wrong, speed and access is great, but what you do with that capability is really interesting: and that is our focus at Friday Solutions.

Love your work Frank Gens, Senior VP & Chief Analyst, IDC.

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  • Nice summary. :-)

    Posted by Des Smith, 18/06/2014 12:59pm (4 years ago)

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