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End to end Project management - the beginning of peace of mind

End to end Project management - the beginning of peace of mind

Posted by Ryan on 20 Jan 2014 15:04:00 | 0 Comments

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If you've been in the industry for a few years, you will have your own story perhaps a few too many regarding where projects fall down. There are many reasons and I won't drag out any specific examples but rather raise the notion (as obvious as it is) that end-to-end project management is often the solution. 

Often a project goes ahead with the excitement about the new piece of software being developed and that is the focus. But let's consider what happens before and after and the impacts of the whole process not being managed through out. The term "throwing it over the wall" from one team to another as a project moves along the project lifecycle describes what generally causes the issues.

The development team develops in a language perfect for the job at hand. Once it's complete and released, however, does the client organisation have the skills in-house to support it? Often not. Simple as it is, we discovered that this is not considered.

Then the Ops team looks to hire that skill and the budget isn't in the business case (that's the second step of the process) and suddenly a support issue arises - and there's no budget for it.

At Friday Solutions we have the experience to ask the questions and take a holistic view of a project. When we come onboard we'll be looking at all aspects to ensure there are no surprises which take the gloss off the brilliant project.

We'd enjoy hearing your thoughts and happy to have a coffee to begin understanding how we might help you.