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No time like the present

No time like the present

Posted by Karen Toast Conger on 30 May 2014 09:30:09 | 0 Comments

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In Breaking a Habit, we asked, “Are you investing in OCM?” The data is in and companies who proactively manage the people side of change are consistently and demonstrably achieving better return on investment for major initiatives. But when should you start? How much is enough? How is it going to happen and who will do it?

Today, let us look at the first question of when. The simple answer is now. At its core, change management is simply an acknowledgement that people have the capacity to either help or hinder any effort to go from here to there. It is the application of tools, processes, and reasoned effort to tipping the balance on the positive side.

You are actively engaged in change management right now, whether or not you know it. Think of a recent initiative in your office for which you had responsibility. Every time you engaged anyone to convince them of the value of your project – whether it was a status report, presentation, email, or the time you cornered That Guy at the coffee machine – was a stakeholder action. Your efforts to explain the new thing to those people, that’s change management. The time you sat down with your project team over lunch and tried to figure out who had the influence and the charm to convince the Finance team to play along – THAT was change management.

The discipline and study of change management does not make it a new thing; It merely equips us to better select among many types of training, communication, reinforcement or conflict resolution techniques for the best fit for our project, organisation, and people. At its best, organisational change management is not prescriptive, telling you how to do your project. It is descriptive and flexible, enabling you to look at your situation and people and move them into their future state with greater ease and reduced cost.

Start today with a more conscious approach to change. Recognize that as a people leader, everything you do, everything you say, everything you type creates a ripple. Then target your ripples in the direction you want people to move, and you will initiate the OCM programme at your organisation.


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