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Warm cocoa and a nice slice of ITSM

Warm cocoa and a nice slice of ITSM

Posted on 08 May 2014 21:08:24 | 0 Comments

That was ITSMFnz 2014.

Great event ran like clockwork, great speakers and a good cross section of the ITSM community from not only NZ but also around the world.

I am really pleased to say that ITSM is maturing; it is showing consideration for people that is quite refreshing. Where previously strict adherence to each and every process was mandated, there is now an acceptance that you can choose elements of which ever toolset fits your needs, in fact the use of elements of several methodologies was openly discussed! Heresy.

A recurring theme running through the presentations was that people are important: screamingly obvious, but refreshing to hear from a room full of passionate process enthusiasts.

Admittedly sometimes the message was quieter more subtle than others, but some presenters are clearly and loudly stating that people are the core of process and process is the core of IT Service Management. And equally refreshing the message is coming from colleagues in the United States, UK and Australia.

The importance of engaged people then leads to the issue of how to engage them and that is my pet subject. Organisational Change Management was discussed on several occasions much to my delight.

For me, for Friday Solutions we strongly believe that the importance of engaged people is all too often underestimated, we actively promote Organisational Change Management (OCM) and tell our clients that they should too. ITSM without OCM is doomed: and I am not the only one saying it.

It was incredibly refreshing to hear thought leaders like Charles Araujo ( and Rob England ( enthusiastically encouraging the ITSM community to slow down, consider the people and bring some leadership. This gentler considered approach is intended to allow people do what they do best, with much less stress because as Charles pointed out, we are all more effective, but have less spare time . . .

Technology was discussed a little, but not deeply, so I stand by my view that the job at hand should dictate the tool chosen and when and how it should be used. No one expressed any strong emotional ties to any of the technology tools, being more focused on the how and by who rather than the with what subject.

In summary, the ITSM community is strong, growing and maturing. I look forward to ITSMFnz 2015 . . . and an easier acronym.


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