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Friday Solutions is a business and technology consultancy. We ensure the alignment of people, process and technology through process improvement, organisational change management, architecture, programme delivery and operational capability.

We are different because of our understanding of Organisational Change Management and IT Operations.

To nurture lasting relationships and deliver world class solutions, it takes the right people. The team at Friday Solutions is highly experienced and has worked around the world on recognised projects using best practice methodologies. As a result of our experience in operational maturity, we bring a unique perspective to our projects - focusing on the end-to-end business lifecycle.

This understanding of operational issues sets us apart from those who simply want to “build systems” forgetting about the length of time you will have the new system. After all you will live with a solution for years so surely considering the full lifecycle of the project is worthwhile?

At Friday Solutions we base our approach to client engagement, delivery and support; on the opportunity to build long-lasting partnerships. We shape each engagement to fit the project at hand, engaging through outcomes-focussed projects and consulting and resource models.

Here is an introduction to the core services Friday Solutions delivers:

Oracle Integration

Building on our Architecture, Process and Operating Model design experience we ensure integration projects succeed.


Business Consulting

Covers the people, organisational structure, capability and design of business plans to achieve key business strategies

Business Process

Designing and aligning process to reduce costs, enhance customer service and to improve operational effectiveness

Change Management

Informing, engaging, educating and aligning people with business and technology change


Enterprise and solution architecture to ensure technology meets business requirements

Projects and Programmes

Delivering projects and programmes of work as well as building our client’s capability so that project risk is reduced and greater certainty of delivery is achieved

IT Operations

Improving customer service, customer satisfaction and service availability through a pragmatic adoption of proven practices at a process, structure, toolset and governance level.