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At Friday Solutions we set you up for success. Aligning your organisation’s systems with the business strategy ensures technology is flexible, scalable and delivers outcomes with the least cost.

We understand the frameworks, principles and practices of all levels of architecture, enabling us to inject ourselves in at any stage of the project lifecycle. We then transform your organisation’s architecture to reduce complexity and cost.

We right-size according to the project and can prepare architecture and systems integration roadmaps. These aim to take the organisation from current state to future state and enable your development team to deliver against.

Our experience ensures good practice and standards to ensure systems integration is robust, resilient and reliable. Often a by-product of an integration project is better capabilities for the client through improved standards, templates, process and up to date documentation. Organisations we have helped include:

  • For a global document management solutions provider, we designed the processes and structure for a new and innovative product to market
  • Supporting the creation of a service catalogue and asset management programme for the world's largest producer of this alternative fuel
  • For this tertiary education provider we developed a strategic enterprise asset management framework