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IT Operations

Friday Solutions pragmatically provides ITIL-based frameworks to structure IT operational activities and the interactions of IT technical personnel with business customers, users and suppliers. 

Organisations with large enterprise environments face ever-increasing expectations from the business to ensure IT is effectively supporting business needs. This level of expectation and the accompanying scrutiny requires every IT group to:

  • be agile
  • improve the effectiveness by which resources are used
  • consistently be able to deliver
  • demonstrate return on investment 

These demands continues to even as business models and technology become increasingly complex.

As with all our services, Friday Solution's approach takes into account anything that has an effect on the ongoing success of IT Operations. We deliver right-sized ITSM frameworks including tool selection and implementation, process, structure and behaviour of your business, all to ensure we meet current and future outlooks.

Ultimately we help you improve customer service, customer satisfaction and service availability through the adoption of practices at a process, structure and governance level. Our projects include:

  • Designing, building and implementing custom ITIL-based processes to meet the requirements of a complex operating environment for a New Zealand Government operation
  • For an interational healthcare solutions provider we carried out an IT Operations capability assessment
  • Developing and implementing a service management solution and advising on governance for a leading provider of engineering, construction and maintenance services